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Alice in Wonderland Fancy Dress costumeWhen it comes to events such as Halloween that require fancy dress, you can sometimes find yourself so overwhelmed with ideas that you actually end up with none. There are so many events across the year that may be suitable for everything from zoo animals to Alice in Wonderland fancy dress costumes. The possibilities are endless, so how do you narrow it down? Of course you could just be completely stumped and totally uninspired by anything – but don’t fear, here are some of the best ways to find some inspiration for that perfect fancy dress outfit…


Get the TV on and start ploughing through your DVD collection. There are so many films that will give you a character you could dress up as. Try to pick iconic films like Edward Scissorhands and Gladiator to give you some ideas that will easily stand out as being fancy dress outfits.

Cowboy Fancy Dress costumeYour other option is to go for classic ideas that have been around for some time. Cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers are always popular choices and with good reason. They are easy to recreate and can see you through any number of different event themes.

Friends and family

Something as simple as just asking around can give you that brilliant brainwave you’ve been searching for. Sometimes you might find yourself going over and over different ideas and none of them are suitable. One suggestion from a friend could be all you need to pick that perfect costume.

You may have a list of ideas in mind but can’t settle on one. Speaking to your friends could help you to narrow it down. They may point out reasons why one outfit would work particularly well while another wouldn’t. Being given a new point of view could help you come to a decision quicker.


The internet will have so many millions of ideas that you won’t know what to do with yourself. You could do something as simple as a Google search to bring up things that you might not have even considered to be a viable option. There are various outfits that could have been overlooked but might jog your memory.

Pinterest and various other social networks can also point you in the right direction. Boards will have been devoted to costume ideas and you can easily wile away several hours making a shortlist of ideas.

Whatever method you choose to find your eventual fancy dress outfit, you can be sure that there are a number of different resources available to you. You may find it helpful to create a shortlist of ideas that you want to consider and then choose from that.

It is always best to plan ahead so that your costume can be delivered in plenty of time for your chosen event. You might also want to make alterations to it when it arrives as well so this gives you a decent time frame to do this in. The last thing you want is to be panicking at the last minute that you don’t have your outfit ready.

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