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A Day in Schwetzingen

Schwetzingen is a place that has a lot to offer; a beautiful and architecturally-rich palace, music, culture and spargel!

Vienna – a classic gem

Vienna is steeped in history, a top global city with must see museums and galleries, delectable cuisines, tasty drinks and terrific views.

Schwetzingen- Gardens, Musical Fests & More

The unassuming town of Schwetzingen is full of surprises with surrounding by beauty. Be astounded with a castle, spectacular gardens, world-renowned music fests, enchanting neighboring cities and more.

Bebenhausen Kloster and Schloss

Just outside of Stuttgart is a must see medieval town called Bebenhausen. There you will find the last home of King Wilhelm II, a Baroque and Renaissance styled monastery and picturesque trails.

The Best Six Castles in Germany

Millions of tourists flock to see what is called Germany’s jewel in the tourist crown each year, and it’s easy to see why.

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