How To Stay Fit During Winter

When winter holidays and festivities are upon us, we tend to gain extra pounds which go unnoticed under the warm clothing. All that reckless eating and drinking without exercise will eventually make you unfit for summer wear. Research proves that an average American is on the verge of gaining almost 5 pounds of weight during winter and that’s not just water weight. It includes a lot of unconsumed calories that are stored as fats. It could be a tedious task to get rid of that weight once the damage is done but there are ways to ensure you stay fit during the holidays. Here’s some suggestions to get you started…

Have at least one healthy meal a day

Everyone advocates in favor of a balanced diet but what does that actually mean? A healthy meal comprises of portions of all food groups. The best time to have a healthy meal is breakfast. Since, most people can’t manage time in the morning to do much more than grab a quick piece of toast then a well-thought-out healthy lunch can fulfil these nutritional requirements. At least one meal a day should be healthy, substantial and filling, and the others should be as light as possible.

Limit dessert intake

When we are on holidays and don’t have much to do, it’s natural to get bored. A study pointed out that we look for sugary snacks in boredom. Curbing that sugar craving temporarily cheers you up but once you know about that silent weight creeping on you, you feel blue again. And what’s the best way to cheer you up? Sugar? Break free from this vicious cycle. Avoid having dessert today if you have had one yesterday.

Make winter workouts a thing

Controlling weight becomes almost impossible in winter perhaps because outdoor activities are limited. However, walking through a pile of snow burns more calories than running. It will leave you huffing and puffing in no time. Besides, there is a whole range of winter sports from skating to skiing. If you have a special inclination towards any sport, it will help you stay motivated about winter workouts.

Stay hydrated stay active

Most winters are dry and the chilly winds take away skin moisture. Staying hydrated is as important as it was in Summers. Drinking water is not enough, sometimes dehydrating beverages have to be avoided. When I say stay hydrated I mean take in lots of fluids. More fluid intake ensures that the toxins are flushed out of your system and this will help you stay active and less cranky.

Control alcohol consumption

On holidays, it’s hard to resist jello shots with friends and frequent booze to cheer about something. After all, holidays are all about merry making. When you pull out a bottle of wine on every other occasion, you will have too much alcohol in your system by the end of the day. It not only adds several calories but also increases the work load for the liver. Furthermore, accumulation of toxins due to alcohol consumption is bad for skin and other organs – stay off it where possible!

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