Ski clubs for Americans in Germany

Ski Clubs in Germany

One of the greatest benefits of being stationed in Germany is the chance to join a local ski club, meet new people, and ski some of the best mountain ranges in the world!

These clubs consist of members of the American military community and are the perfect way to explore Europe.  Here are a list of the ski clubs near you:

Kaiserslautern-West Pfalz Ski Club – Ramstein, Landstuhl & Kaiserslautern

Tannenbaum Ski Club – Kaiserslautern, Ramstein & Landstuhl

Patch Ski Club – Stuttgart

Heidelberg Ski Club – Heidelberg

If you are located in (or pcsing to) Italy, then the Aviano Ski Club is perfect for you!


If you are just learning to ski, the Kaiserslautern – West Pfalz Ski Club offers trips to a renowned ski school in Austria that suits all experience levels, even those who have never set foot on a pair of skis.

Outdoor Recreation at each base also has a great selection of winter activities, check out their monthly calendars at:


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