Look Around Historic Limburg?

Limburg an der Lahn is an historic town in the Hesse region, with well-preserved timber-framed buildings, some of which date back to the 11th century. The river Lahn flows through the middle of the town, which has many almost undamaged medieval buildings that are now protected. It is one of the better preserved medieval towns in Germany with customary narrow alleys that twist and turn.

There’s also a castle which was originally built at some time in the early 13th century as well as half-timbered houses of the 17th and 18th centuries. Limburg’s Romanesque cathedral is worth a visit as are the Navy Museum and the Cathedral Treasury and Diocesan Museum. If you like liturgical music and concerts, then you may like to listen to the Limburger Domsingknaben, which is a renowned boys’ choir. They sing in the cathedral’s services, and also perform at other events.

Things to see in Limburg an der Lahn

Limburg Cathedral 2

Limburg Cathedral – the Dom of St George

Often the first thing you notice in Limburg is the cathedral, the Dom of St George with its seven towers. You can see it from the train or when you are approaching Limburg on the autobahn. As it is situated on a hilltop, you get to the cathedral through the narrow, steep alleys. The interior of the cathedral is interesting. When it was being renovated, some medieval frescoes were found which have been lovingly restored to their original splendor. Now almost 75% of the interior has the original, restored decorations.

The Domschatz und Diözesanmuseum (Cathedral Treasury) which is close to the cathedral has works of religious art and various treasures with some dating as far back as the 10th century.

If you want one of the best views of the cathedral, go to the Alte Lahnbrücke (Old Lahn Bridge), which is located on the edge of the old town at night when it is illuminated. The bridge has been used by travellers for more than 600 years now.

The Old Town

Limburg old stadtMany of the houses in the old fish market area are more than 800 years old. And if you wander through these medieval streets, you will come across the Haus der sieben Laster (House of the Seven Deadly Sins). The sins are carved on the façade of this old house. The Werner-Senger-Haus is one of the oldest in Limburg, and it is now a restaurant.

Waterwheels along the Lahn

If you take a walk along the riverbank, you can see the town reflected in the clear waters of the Lahn. You can also see two waterwheels, one which is barely functioning and the other fairly gushing with power. You can walk from the waterwheels east of the city to the Alte Lahnbrṻcke to the west of it.

Boat Trips on the Lahn

If there’s a rover in a town in Germany, there are boat trips. Naturally you can enjoy one on the River Lahn. You can take one of the round vessels called the BBQ Donut, and enjoy a barbecue on board as each of these novel boats has a built-in grill. They can take up to ten people. Please book your drinks and food. Passengers are not allowed to take their own.

Whiskey FestivalLimburg whiskey

If you enjoy a whiskey or two, then you may wish to participate in the Whiskey Festival held over a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in May, usually in the Josef Kohlmaier Halle. If you are not in Limburg for this event, you may wish to try Whiskey Konthor / Georg’s restaurant at Hospitalstrasse 4.

Eating and drinking in Limburg an der Lahn

shutterstock_214882342Bodega Dali-Loco

This restaurant serves wonderful Spanish food, and is ideal if you want to try something different from the traditional German fare. It’s located at Rutsche 11, and the wine list is as good as the food (which is excellent).

Die Strauss-Wirtschaft

This restaurant is located at Frankfurter Strasse 13, and perhaps you would be wise to book in advance as it is one of the best German restaurants in Limburg.


For a good Italian meal (not just pasta and pizza) try Fellini situated at Frankenstrasse 9. There is an amazing menu and a comprehensive wine list. If you are unsure about which wine would complement your food, the friendly staff are on hand to help and advise.

Of course there are many restaurants in Limburg, and you will probably stumble upon a fantastic one as you walk around the welcoming streets in the old town.

Getting to Limburg an der Lahn

From Wiesbaden: by road or by train. From Kaiserslautern: by road or by train. From Stuttgart: by road or by train.

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