Kid-Friendly Ansbach

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While Bavaria is famous for its outdoor vacation spots, we don’t want to forget about your little ones and their everyday need for entertainment. Luckily, Bavaria is full of parks, zoos, indoor- and outdoor playgrounds as well as public pools and kid-friendly museums to keep your whole family entertained!

  • The Public Indoor Pool is called Freizeitbad Aquella and open daily until 9:30 p.m. during the week and 8 p.m. unless there’s a global pandemic. These things can happen, you know. Admission costs €3.40 per adult, per hour. The pool offers a large sauna and wellness area as well as slides and fun kids’ attractions. Visit their German website here.
  • There are a lot of outdoor playgrounds in and around Ansbach. View google for a detailed list and map.
  • The Sanctuary for Predators and Exotic Animals is a non-profit organization for cats of prey, primates and other exotic animals in need. Animals which were held illegally or badly have found a new home there. The park hosts 4 tigers, 1 cougar, 2 lynxes, 2 snow monkeys, 1 Arctic fox, 1 red fox, 1 caracal, 3 bengal cats, several ferrets and other small animals. Visitors may enter every first Sunday of the month. Private visits and tours can be arranged on other days as well. Visit their English website here.
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  • The Indoor Playground Inplaysia is the perfect adventure for bad weather. It’s open year-round and admission costs €5 for children aged 1-2, €7 for children aged 2+ and €5 per adult. Free wifi on the entire premises is perfect to keep the parents entertained as well. Of course, culinary delights can be purchased on-site as well. Visit their German website here.
  • Margrave Residency
    The Margrave Residency’s appearance was last altered in the 18th century during the Rococo era, which made it into what we can admire today. Its roots, however, date back to the 1400 century, when a water tower was first built on the premises. The medieval history can still be seen nowadays as the remains of the Gothic Hall have been turned into a concert venue and exhibition parlor. 27 pompous rooms are open to the public year-round from Tuesday to Sunday. Click here for more information in German.
  • Orangery & Courtyard Garden
    The baroque Orangery and courtyard garden dates back to the 18th century and features a café, a restaurant, concert venues and more. A simple stroll along the flowerbeds and lawns is sure to make you feel energised and relaxed whatever the season: a floral paradise in the heart of the city. The park is open year-round but opening hours vary depending on the month. Visit their German website for more information.
  • Margrave Museum
    Follow the traces of the Margrave era in Ansbach and learn more about the city’s famous faces at the Marktgrafenmuseum. The exhibition is designed to appeal to visitors and history enthusiasts of all ages and is open year-round; admission costs €3.50 per adult.  Click here for more information in German.
  • German Flight Pioneer Museum
    Learn more about the history of airplanes at the Deutsches Flugpionier-Museum (Plan 6, 91578 Leutershausen). It is closed for renovations right now but looking forward to reopening in the summer of 2021. For more information in German, click here.
  • Lichtenau Museum
    The museum (Marktplatz 91586 Lichtenau) promises a fun trip for the whole family. Its exhibition consists of historical artefacts, some of which were donated by locals to help children and adults learn about the region’s history. Exclusive videos complement the program. For more information in German click here.
  • Lichtenau Castle
    Festung Lichtenau (Von-Heydeck-Straße, 91586 Lichtenau) dates back to the 13th century, though it has been renovated and parts have been added multiple times throughout history. Nonetheless, the fortress is in a great condition and welcomes visitors of all ages year-round. For more information in German click here.
  • Museum of Local History
    The Heimatmuseum Merkendorf (Marktplatz 4, 91732 Merkendorf) is open every third Sunday of the month between March and October and gives great insight into the daily lives of locals throughout the centuries. For more information in German click here.

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