Get ready for Fasching (carnival) season in Germany!

by Susan Melnyk

Fasching is to Germany what Carnival is to Brazil or Mardi Gras is to Louisiana. Grab a costume, head to a parade and experience a whole different side to Deutschland!

The Kaiserslautern American has a great article that outlines the Fasching experience so you know what to expect before heading to the events. Click here to check it out.

The Herald Union in Wiesbaden also has a great article outlining the experience and events in the Wiesbaden and Mainz areas.  Check it out by clicking here.  There are also great Fasching events at Aposto Restaurant in Mainz, click here.

Based in Stuttgart?  Click here for a list of Fasching events in your area.

Check back often, as we’ll be filling out the event calendar with all the Fasching events near our military bases and beyond!


Our tip:

Even if you don’t get to go to Fasching, this is the PERFECT time to pick up your Halloween costume for next October.  Germans do not usually celebrate Halloween, so it you wait until October to find your costume, you will find the pickings slim.  Fasching season is when Germany plays dress up, so it’s a great time to find a ton of costumes on sale for you or the kids!


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