Edenkoben Wine and Chestnut Market

Every year in October the city of Edenkoben hosts a wine and chestnut market located under the “Villa Ludwigshöhe.” The market has a unique charm that you won’t find in bigger cities. Located on the Wine trail, this quaint town is tucked into the vineyards and is very popular with German locals.

Fall Festival

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Unlike a traditional fall festival, this quaint market doesn’t boast rides and fair-like flair (although there is a merry go ‘round for kids). Instead, those visiting Edenkoben will be charmed by the wide variety of gourmet goods and an array of chestnut infused delicacies.

Chestnut Infusion

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The allure of a chestnut bratwurst was too much for my husband, who had one in hand within minutes of entering the market. It was delicious! Also mouth-watering were the sweets including waffles, crepes, and funnel cake with chocolate chestnut and chestnut cream sauces.

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We gorged ourselves on chestnut goodness and washed it all down with local wines- there were many to try. Click here for more information.


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Pups are welcome at the outdoor market. In fact, there were a ton of dogs. To save yourself from some anxiety, keep Fido at home if they aren’t good with other dogs or crowds of people. Some of the passages are tight and crowded and other dogs can be unavoidable.


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There is lots of street parking lining the path to the market. If you arrive early (before lunch), you’re likely to get a spot near the entrance with minimal walking. If you come later in the mid-afternoon, when the market is the most popular, be prepared to do a little more walking to and from your parking spot.

If you’d rather not worry about parking, there is a shuttle bus from the train station that runs hourly from 10:50 a.m. – 4:50 p.m.

How to Get There

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Edenkoben is located 1 hour southeast of Kaiserslautern, 1.5 hours northwest of Stuttgart and 1.5 hours south of Wiesbaden. Click on DB Bahn for train information.

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Author’s Profile: Kelly is a DOD wife, devoted dog-mom, a mediocre cook, a whiskey aficionado and an avid traveler who’s exploring the Kaiserslautern area with dog and husband in tow.

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