Getting Married in Denmark

Denmark! The Las Vegas of Europe for Quick Marriages

What does love, a quickie, and Vikings have in common? It’s simple… the country of Denmark offers quick, easy and romantic weddings for people of all nationalities. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, we explore the option of getting married in the home of Vikings.

You are living the life as an American Soldier, an Airman or a Civilian in Germany and you have found the love of your life! But now you want to get married. What should you do? You have the choice of going back to the United States, getting married in Germany or going to the Las Vegas of Europe (Denmark).

Getting Married in Denmark

Going to the U.S. to get Married

For many it would be nice to head home and have family and friends attend your big day. However this could be very expensive and time consuming just to travel back to the U.S. It also could be very tedious just trying to figure out what paperwork is needed, especially from a far. Marriage license requirements and the wait time are different for each state. Some states even require a medical examination or blood tests in order to obtain a license. If the procedures for marriage are not followed correctly, then expect an even longer time before you can say your I dos. Things get even more complicated and wait time increases if you are a U.S. citizen marrying a local national (someone from another country).

Getting Married in Germany

If you have interacted with the Germans or know anything about the German culture, then you would know that the Germans can be quite systematic, thorough and efficient. It is also worth noting that their laws and policies are just as systematic, just as thorough and just as efficient.

Getting married in Germany requires going to the Standesamt, located at the Rathaus (Town Hall), to give notice of impending marriage. Once all documents have been completed and turned in, it will take between two or six weeks before you can hear wedding bells. The time also lengthens if either one of the happy couple had been married before. And if you and your fiancée/fiance both do not speak German fluently, then you must provide your own translator or interpreter when requesting the notice of impending as well as for the ceremony.

Getting Married in the Home of the Vikings

In Denmark the documentation required is simple and straightforward, making the whole process to go quickly and easily. It generally takes between four days and two weeks to process your paperwork. Additionally, the marriage certificate can be given straight away after the ceremony, and it can come translated in English and German.

According to the Danish Marriage Act, the following is required for a foreigner to be married in Denmark:
• Be lawfully admitted and legally present in Denmark
• Valid passport showing proof of entry into Denmark
• If you live outside the U.S., present a valid residence permit from country of residence
• Complete the Marriage Form, which can be downloaded from the City of Copenhagen website

U.S. military members will need the following:
• An approved leave form and Commander’s memorandum for permission to travel and marry in Denmark
• A birth certificate (copy)
• Identity card (copy)
• A confirmation letter from a supervisor stating that you are single/divorced (original)
• When divorced, the legally binding document of your divorce decree (original)

For additional information, the Copenhagen Marriage Office can be contacted at:
The Copenhagen City Hall (Rådhuset)
Room 83
1559 Copenhagen
TEL: +45 3366 2334, 35 or 36 (hours: Mon-Wed 9:30am-2:00pm, Thu 9:30am-5:00pm, Fri 9:30am-2:00pm.)
FAX: +45 3366 7158.

The following is a list of the most commonly used marriage offices in Denmark:
Haderslev Kommune
Gaaskaervej 26
6100 Haderslev
TEL: +45 7434 3434

Tønder Kommune
Jomfrustien 8
6270 Tønder
TEL: +45 74929709

Aabenraa Kommune
Skelbaekvej 2
6200 aabenraa
TEL: +45 7376 76 76

Please note that on Fridays most public offices in Denmark close as early as Noon.

There are numerous of companies that can assist you with your paperwork process as well as help plan your wedding no matter how big or small. Perhaps you can seek advice from one of the marriage offices.

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Getting Married in Denmark

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