Where to Eat in Amsterdam

It’s well documented amongst my friends and family that what I most look forward to about a trip is the food. I love to go to a new restaurant and waddle away satisfied and full to my eyeballs. With that in mind, when I saw this list of “must eats” in Amsterdam, I had to share with my fellow food lovers.

What to Eat

Beginning with the “what” to eat, make sure you try some traditional Dutch food including the following:

Kroket: a breaded and deep fried meat ragout. I’ve never met a fried food that I didn’t like, and a kroket is no exception. It is topped with spicy mustard to get the full experience.

Fresh herring: a Dutch “sushi” that is usually topped with onions and gherkins.

Pannekoek or Poffertjes (Dutch pancakes): Pannekoek are larger and available with salty or sweet toppings including apples, bacon, and raisins. Poffertjes are a bite size pancake usually topped with powdered sugar. Your kids are guaranteed to love the Poffertjes.

Where to Eat

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Now to the crucial “where” to eat. Keep in mind that in finer quality restaurants, a reservation is recommended, especially in the busy evening hours.

Bussia: Modern Italian cuisine in a quiet setting and a 4-5 course tasting menu. Closed Mondays.
Location: Reestraat 28 – 32
Telephone: +31-20 627-8794

De Proevery: This restaurant, whose name translates to “The Tasting” offers modern Dutch cuisine. The website is currently under construction.
Location: Prinsengracht 274
Telephone: +31-20 421 1848

De Winkel: This café, famous for their apple cake, is at the corner of the Noordermarkt (Northern Market) and offers a great view from the market square. The Noordermarket hosts a market each Saturday and Monday morning so time your trip for those days for the best people watching.
Location: Noordermarkt 43
Telephone: +31 20 623 0223

Envy: A trendy tapas style restaurant in the “9 streets” shopping area. This is a great place for a light meal, but be sure to make a reservation.
Location: Prinsengracht 381
Telephone: +31-20 344-6407

Morlang: An easy going restaurant with good food and a warm atmosphere perfect for lunch, dinner, or just drinks. Be advised, basement seating isn’t recommended here, stick with the seating upstairs.
Location: Keizersgracht 451
Telephone: +31 20 625 2681

6. George: The place to see and be seen. Trendy crowds flock here for the French brasserie. Reservations mandatory for dinner.
Location: Leidsegracht 84
Telephone: +31020 626 08 02

Red: Simplify life by going to this restaurant where your options are narrowed to lobster, steak, or a mix of both. They only do 2 things, so you know they must do it well! I’m not a great decision maker, so this restaurant sounds perfect for me.
Location: Keizersgracht 594
Telephone: +31-20-3201824

Ganesha Indian Restaurant: My husband’s favorite dining spot in the city. Unpretentious and authentic Indian food and friendly staff are the highlights of this restaurant located near the train station.
Location: 1011 EH Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 20 320 7302

Werck: Located next to the famous Wester-church tower, the best part of the café/lounge is the roof terrace and garden.
Location: Prinsengracht 277
Telephone: +31 20 627 4079

Café ‘T Smalle: A charming and authentic café, this is a great place to snack inside or out. Order a “bitter garnituur” a traditional Dutch snack with fried cheese and sausages.
Location: Egelantiersgracht 12
Telephone: +31 20 623 9617

Beer Café ‘T Arendsnest: Settle into this cozy café to try some of the 160 varieties of beer.
Location: Herengracht 90 A
Telephone: +31 20 421 2057

How to Get There

Peter Zijlstra Shutter Amsterdam Kroket food Dutch© Shutterstock-Peter Zijlstra

Amsterdam is known for its canals, museums and historic sights. What may not be as known is this city’s delectable food.

How to Get There

A drive to Amsterdam is approximately five hours northwest of Kaiserslautern, 4 hours and 20 minutes northwest of Wiesbaden and 6 hours and 20 minutes northwest of Stuttgart. Click on DB Bahn for train information.

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