5 Tips For Decluttering For The New Year

Clutter can pile a lot faster than you think. If you’ve noticed that you can no longer move inside your closet or garage, it may be time to start polishing up on your closet and garage organization skills. To help you with the decluttering process, here are five tips to consider to start this new year off right.

Starting New- 5 Tips For Decluttering Before The New Year

1. Start in the Corner

A great way to declutter is by starting in the corner of the room and working your way around it. When you do this, clean off any surfaces, empty bins and repeat as you go layer by layer of the room. Eventually, you’re going to end up in the middle of the room with nothing left to get rid of.

2. 15 Minutes a Day

Every day, try to make it a habit to declutter for at least 15 minutes. By doing so, you’d be amazed at how fast you can get rid of stuff. Even if it’s in small increments, the piles should slowly disappear. If you have more than 15 minutes to spare, consider creating a goal chart. On this chart, write down what you will want to accomplish every week. Every time you’re able to check out your goal, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

3. One-Year Box

If you’re unsure you want to throw some things away, simply throw them in a box and label it with a date that is a year from now. If that box is still unopened a year from when you packaged the box, then it’s safe to get rid of the belongings inside. Remember if these items are usable, consider donating or gifting them before tossing them out.

Just because the items are no longer needed in your life doesn’t mean other cannot put them to good use. Always consider selling on a local classifieds site or donating before just throwing away. It is a great way to help the lives of others, not to mention the nice tax write-off you get.

4. Make Your Space Smaller

If possible, try to make your storage spaces as small as possible. If you have a lot of storage space, you’ll often find that you’re going to naturally fill it with belongings that will sit and collect dust. Today, minimizing your space is easy than before with the many storage solutions available on the market.

If a mess is growing up around you, really put in the time and research. There are many great systems out there that can help you get organized and cut down on the extras you have collected over the years.

5. Hire Someone

As a last resort, you may want to consider bringing in a professional to help get rid of your clutter. Oftentimes, these professionals can recommend tips or help you cope if you have emotional attachments to certain items. Or perhaps swap roles with a friend and de-clutter each other’s homes!

Decluttering your home is easier than ever if you take the action to do so. By applying the tips mentioned above, you should be able to take a fresh breath and feel free again. It is natural to build up a collection of goods over the years. We all need different items at different times in our lives, but taking a step back and seeing what is still necessary to your life is always a breath of fresh air.

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