Koblenz – Where Two Mighty Waters Meet

Koblenz is situated where the Moselle and Rhine Rivers meet and surrounded by four great hills. Koblenz is the third largest city in the Rhineland-Palatinate after both Ludwigshafen am Rhein and Mainz. The 2000 year old city that was created by the Romans around 8-9 BC,  is full of history and simply begs to be discovered.

Must See Sightsk5

There are a number of things you must see once arriving in Koblenz. One of these is the German Corner (Deutsches Eck), the location where the Rhine and Moselle Rivers meet. At this spot is a gigantic monument of Kaiser Wilhelm, which can be climbed to see spectacular views of the rivers and the opposite shore. A short distance from the Deutsches Eck is  where you can catch a sightseeing train that travels to some of the city’s interesting spots.

Another must see is the well-maintained Festung Ehrenbreitstein, a military fortress or castle with its own museum. From the castle you can have one of the best views of this magnificent German city.

Do not forget to visit the Militär Museum, a huge military museum that is located across the Moselle River. Visitors will learn about Koblenz’s military history which included fortresses on both sides of the river. Before the 20th century rivers were perhaps the most vital logistic route, and by possessing them meant the difference between winning or losing a war.

It’s worth noting that as you stroll through the city, take the time to admire the various fountains and magnificent sculptures.k

Things to do in Koblenz

The TuS Koblenz is the football (soccer) team of the city, and you can catch the unfolding events at the Oberwerth-Stadium.

If visiting the city during the second week of August, you might want to join the fun at the Rhein in Flames (Flammen). This weekend event includes live music with a firework display on Saturday at the Deutsches Eck. This festivity is done in commemoration of the burning ships during the Roman era.

Those in Koblenz in September can also enjoy the Night of Museums (known locally as the Nacht der Museen), a special event where visitors are bused between the different museums that are open late. It is advised to purchase museum and bus tickets in advance to take advantage of discounted prices.

k3Boat trips on the Rhein are very popular because of the beautiful scenery of the vineyards and castles. Another to do in Koblenz is to attend the classical theater. It’s very exciting to see the men suits and women adorned in gowns as they fill the theater rooms. The cabaret is also something to enjoy at the Blaue Biwel while KuFa or culture factory is something every young person will love with its thematic concerts and great plays.

The Löhr-Center has a huge shopping mall with about 130 shops at the heart of the city as well as shops in the downtown area. Shops in these areas and Löhrstraße are great places to pick up memorabilia and more.

For some excellent local food and wine you can checkout a place such as the Wirtshaus Alt Coblenz that has delectable main dishes at very affordable prices. It goes without saying that Koblenz is located in the Moselle and Rhine Rivers wine region. Here you can always try the famous dry white wines synonymous with the area. Red wines and a good number of local beers such as Königsbacher’s beers are also quite popular too.

It’s worth noting that autumn and spring are the best times to be in Koblenz. The town seems overrun during summer months while in winter the area almost goes into hibernation.

Getting around the cityk4

To get around the city of Koblenz you can use buses that depart from the central train station early in morning from about 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Koblenz is not a very big city, so it can easily be accessed on foot as well. The Festung Ehrenbreitstein can be accessed by a Rhine River ferry or via bus or taxi. To reach the top of the fortress you can use the wall road, Sesselbahn or chairlift.

How to Get There

Koblenz is one hour and thirty minutes drive north of Kaiserslautern, just of one hour northwest of Wiesbaden and just over three hours northwest of Stuttgart. Click on DB Bahn for train information.


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