Historically charming city of Heppenheim

Lately we’ve had a stream of visitors using our home as a base while they go explore Europe. It’s a great idea… But after riding in trains and cars for many hours a day to explore well known cities, our guests were eager to find something closer. We lucked upon the historically charming city of Heppenheim, which is located in the southern Hesse on the border of Baden-Württemberg. Here are some reasons to travel to this quaint town.

Market Place

Kelly Heppenheim center Hanging around Heppenheim© Kelly Lauer

The center of the historic town is lined by timber houses reconstructed in 1693 after a major fire. The Markplatz (Market Place) was exactly the idyllic setting our guests were searching for. It’s a great spot to sit outside and enjoy a drink or meal.

Bergstrasse Cathedral

Kelly Heppenheim church Hanging around Heppenheim© Kelly Lauer

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The cathedral was built in 1904, although its origin dates back to 755. It features an architectural mix of medieval, Neo-Gothic and Baroque elements.


This street offers picturesque views of the Schlossberg vineyards and Starkenburg Castle (built in 1065).

Museum of Local History and Folklore

Kelly Heppenheim Admin Building Hanging around Heppenheim© Kelly Lauer

This museum is located in a 14th century administrative building. The upper floor is decorated with wall frescoes from the Gothic and Renaissance Periods.

How to Get There

Kelly Heppenheim dining Hanging around Heppenheim© Kelly Lauer

Heppenheim is just over 1 hour east of Kaiserslautern, 2 hours north of Stuttgart and 1 hour south of Wiesbaden. The city is accessible by train (Heppenheim Burgstrasse). Visit DB Bahn for timetables and prices.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: © Kelly Lauer

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