Augsburg Christmas Market

Augsburg’s Christmas Market & Angels

Germany’s most beautiful Christmas market

The Augsburg “Christkindlesmarkt” is a village of booths forming one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Situated from “Rathausplatz” (City Hall square), to Martin-Luther-Platz, along the Philippine-Welser-Straße and Maximilianstraße streets and to the front of St. Moritz church. Approximately one million visitors from Germany and abroad enjoy the dreamlike atmosphere each year. On a stroll through the streets of booths festively decorated with lights you will find a wide and special selection of items.

Augsburg Angel Performance

Augsburg Angel PerformanceWell-known and unique is the angel performance of the Augsburg “Christkindlesmarkt.” Twenty-four angels appear on the beautiful facade of City Hall and transform the building into a huge Advent calendar. The angels appear every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 pm. One exception is December 23: On this day the angels appear at 7:00 pm and walk down stairs to the entrance of city hall.

A small peak behind the scenes: The angels are young girls from Augsburg who have been chosen especially for this task. A charming facial expression, graceful movements, musical talent and of course the ability to be free of vertigo are required. And to be sure no accidents occur while the angels stand on the sills of city hall, the mountain rescue team provides for their safety. The angel performance was created by the former director of tourism in Augsburg, Fritz Kleiber, in 1977. He was inspired by a painting from Hans Holbein.

No visitor to the Augsburg “Christkindlesmarkt” should pass up the opportunity to see a live performance!

Dates for the Angel Performance

The traditional angel performance on the City Hall balcony takes place at 6 p.m. on the following dates:

Friday to Sunday:

27.11., 28.11., 29.11.

04.12., 05.12., 06.12.

11.12., 12.12., 13.12.

18.12., 19.12., 20.12.

Images © Stadt Augsburg, Marktamt

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