Wine, City and Family Fests

Wine and City Fests

Warm nights are begging for a cold glass of white wine or rose at one of the many sce- nic vineyards in the Rheinland-Pfalz region, which produces more than 65 percent of all German wines. Fine culinary delights and oftentimes live music will complement these events showing off the most picturesque spots in their respective areas.

July 5: Ramstein, Summer Nights: music and food.
July 5 to 7: Kaiserslautern, Old City Fest.
July 6 and 7: Mittelbrunn, Schnaps Distilling Fest.
July 5 to 8: Gönnheim, 4th Wine Street Art-Festival.July 5 to 9: Bad Dürkheim, Wine Fest.
July 5 to 9: Wachenheim, Wine Time at the English Garden. Wine Fest.
July 12: Ramstein, Ramstein Summer Nights.
July 12 to 14: Queidersbach, Rooster Festival.
July 12 to 14: Herxheim, Wine and Sekt Symposium.
July 12 to 15: Battenberg (Pfalz), Wine Fest.
July 13: Bad Dürkheim, Courtyard Wine Fest.
July 19: Ramstein, Summer Nights: Spanish Night with Rumbalea.
July 19 to 22: Freinsheim, City Wall Fest.
July 19 to 23: Bad Dürkheim, Courtyard Wine Fest.
July 19 to 23: Bad Dürkheim, Pfeffinger Wine Fest.
July 21: Steinwenden, Summer Fest.
July 25 to 29: Neuleiningen, Castle Wine Fest.
July 26: Ramstein, Summer Nights: Australian Night with The Joeys OZ Band.
July 26 to 29: Ellerstadt, Raachhinkelfeschd: City Fest.
July 26 to 29: Ruppertsberg, Courtyard Wine Fest.
July 26 to 29: Grünstadt, Wine and Family Fest.
July 26 to August 3: Kaiserslautern, Summer Magic: Illuminated Gartenschau.

Family Fests and Kerwe
Children and families needn’t fret the sea of wine events as summer also means Kerwe season: a carnival-like fair with rides, games, fried food and candy promising an action- packed day out for all ages. Nearly every village and big city has one and while they vary in size, fun is at the center of every one of them.

June 30: Family Culture Festival — Kinderfest, Kaiserslautern Gartenschau
Until June 30: Rheinland-Pfalz Day, Annweiler am Trifels
July 5 to 7 and 12 to 14: Mußbach, Eselshautfest.
July 5 to 8: Kirchheim an der Weinstr, Market, Wine and Kerwe.
July 5 to 8: Grünstadt, Market and Wine Kerwe.
July 5 to 9: Bad Dürkheim, Leistadter Kerwe.
July 26: Obermohr, Kerwe.
July 26 to 28: Zweibrücken, City Fest.
July 26 to 30: Hambach, Jakobuskerwe: Family Fest and Fair.
July 27: Ramstein, Outdoor Pool Event for Families and Pool Night with Live Music.
July 27 to 30: Bad Dürkheim, Seebacher Kerwe.

by Leonie Milde
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