Paris Gare du L’est to Paris Nord

Walking directions from Paris Gare du L’est to Paris Nord (Eurostar Terminal).

Upon arriving at Gare du l’est then walk out the front main doors (You can walk out the side doors but you will have 60 steps to climb).

As soon as you walk out the front door turn right. Not the “5 o’clock” turn back on yourself right but  the “3 o’clock” 90 degree angle right.

Carry on that road for 150 yards.

At the end of the road is some stop signs and a McDonalds on your left. When there take the first right. This will walk you up a slight gradient for 300 yards.

At the first junction you will see a Post office in front on you to the slight left hand side. Then left of that is a glass building attached to an old building. This is Gare du Nord. It will take no more than ten minutes to walk there.

Go into the first glass door and turn left and you will see some escalators  These take you straight to the Eurostar check in

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