7 Best Playgrounds in Ramstein & Kaiserslautern

Germany is full of hidden treasures. Visiting area playgrounds is a great way for adults to relax while children burn off some energy. Many of the German playgrounds are located in the forest or on bodies of water with several having small restaurants or beer gardens nearby.  Sometimes finding them is half of the fun!

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Seewoog in Miesenbach

Woog is a word in the local German dialect which means lake. Whenever you see this word, chances are good there is a lake nearby! The Seewoog in Miesenbach is a great park located on a small lake. There are walking trails surrounding the lake, a small play equipment area for children and a large grassy area. The nearby beer garden offers visitors a place to recharge.

2. Vogelwoog in Kaiserslautern

When driving from Opel Circle past the Toys ‘R Us in Kaiserslautern, those who decide to take a left on Vogelwoogstrasse instead of following the priority road around the curve to the right, may be surprised to find a very nice park. This playground is perfectly suited  for hide and seek. Visitors can grab a bite to eat and walk the trails surrounding the lake and park.

3. Hidden park in Weilerbach

Walking from the center of the village of Weilerbach toward the village of Mackenbach, visitors who veer off the main road, through a parking lot on their right and onto a walking path, are quickly rewarded. Hidden near the center of town is a small lake and playground great for an afternoon of fun.

4. Park in the Woods in Quidersbach

Hidden in the woods north of Quidersbach, near the tennis courts is a playground. There are actually two playgrounds and some interesting rock formations.  It may take a slight sense of adventure to find them, but once there it is a fun place to explore.

5. Ohmbachsee in Schönenberg-Kübelberg

This playground has a big slide, swings, and best of all, a water pump that pumps water through a system of troughs that spill out onto sand. Be sure to bring towels, a change of clothes and sand toys. There is a tiny café next to the playground and visitors can rent paddle boats for a few euros.

6. Barenloch Park in Kindsbach

Lucky visitors in the spring can see frogs by the hundreds at Barenloch. Some days in June baby frogs cover the walking trails surrounding the park. On hot days, locals swim up and down the lake while children wade in the concrete swimming pool built into the side. If you’d rather stay out of the water, the playground has a trampoline, zip line and a long slide to keep you dry. Barenloch is wonderful for kids and adults.

7. Pirate Ship Park, Homburg

This park has a knee-deep man-made pond with a pirate ship in the middle and rafts for the kids to play on.  Bring sunscreen, swimming suits, dry clothes, towels, lunch and snacks. Try to visit on a hot day and plan to stay all day. It’s a bit tricky to find, but once you do, you won’t be sorry. The easiest way to get there is to park at the swimming pool on the corner of Schwimmbadweg and Brunnenstrasse in Homburg and follow the path a short walk to the pirate ship.

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Julie Norkoli is a DOD Civilian spouse and a homeschooling mother of three living near the Ramstein AFB in Germany. She loves to travel and is actively involved in the German community through several organizations. Visit her blog at highhillhomeschool.blogspot.com for more information.


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