Wine-not Holiday Crafts

Ladies, hear my call. Save. Your. Corks. ‘Tis the season to start thinking about holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones. It is a necessity, nay it is your duty, to collect enough wine corks to make one or all of these cute crafts. Your husband asks, “Are you having a second glass of wine?” and you reply, “This is for your mother’s gift.” What a good daughter-in-law! Your best friend says, “Why do you have so many wine corks? Are you a hoarder?” Au, contraire mon frère! I am gearing up for craft season!
There is a craft for everyone. For the not-so-crafty, you can make these cute place card holders for your holiday table. All you need is a serrated kitchen knife. That’s all. Slice a tiny piece off the bottom, so that it doesn’t roll around and cut a slot in the top for the place card. Oh so cute and, “Oh my, aren’t you clever!”

Read the rest of this article in the November 24th edition of the Kaierslautern American newspaper. Pick up your copy!

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