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Wolfstein: A medieval gem near Kaiserslautern

Wolfstein is a small town near Kaiserslautern that’s great for a day trip. The popular hiking village also has some unique attractions.

Easy tips for organization and stress reduction

Do you feel like you’re surrounded by total chaos all the time? Well, maybe you are.

Cooking with Klaus – Chicken Soup

Ingredients for 4 people: • 1 whole chicken, cooked, deboned, skin removed, and meat cut in bite size pieces • 2 liters of chicken broth • 2 large carrots, peeled… Read more

Yoga - Find Your Happy Place

Finding happiness through music

I have always admired folks who took yoga classes. I tried yoga once and it triggered a nasty migraine. My mind might be flexible, but my limbs are not.

Recipes to Make Water More Tasty

Simple, fruit-infused water recipes to keep you hydrated and healthy

Sometimes, facing day-after-day of sipping on plain water can be like eating the same meal day in and out – completely uninspiring, even if it’s healthy.

Cooking with Klaus – Red cabbage and mashed chestnuts mashed chestnuts!

Ingredients • Red cabbage: 1 jar of red cabbage (you will fi nd it on the economy named Rotkohl or Rotkraut) this will be enough for up to 4 people •… Read more

Hiking in Germany

One of the healthiest activities and habits in Germany is hiking! Germany is dedicated to creating, supporting and maintaining spectacular trails. Grab your boots and be awed!

Things to Know Before Heading to the Hospital

Although I hope you won’t ever have a visit to the hospital while here in Germany, here are five things you need to know before heading to a German hospital.

Koi Bad & Sauna in Homburg

Escape for an afternoon before slipping into the holiday rush, especially now that the days are short and chilly. Koi Bad & Sauna in Homburg offers the perfect solution!

Beauty, Baths & Baden-Baden

Be allured by the gorgeous town of Baden-Baden with its day spas, Roman Bath Ruins and Himalayan Sea Salt Grottos. Also take a stroll through this rejuvenating haven that welcomes in the Black Forest National Park.

Stay Healthy Without Sacrificing Food

Forming Healthier Habits

3 Easy Tricks to 3 New Habits in 21 Days for a Healthier, Happier You in 2015.

5 Core Strength Exercises

A strong core or core strength training is more than just looking good. A strong core will support your body when doing any kind of sport or movement.

Wiesbaden – Roman Spa Town

Wiesbaden is one of the oldest spa towns in Europe. Established as a Roman fort, today it’s a modern city that has lost none of its imperial flair.


Bad Dürkheim – Wellness, Wine and Nature

The spa town of Bad Dürkheim is one of the most beautiful areas of the German Wine Route. It’s known for wellness & health as well as wine and nature.

Stay Healthy Without Sacrificing Food

5 Tips to Stay Healthy Without Sacrificing Food

Stay on top of your health and fitness without sacrificing foods that appeal to you.

Cardio Workout Zones – Know How to Work Out

Cardio Workout – Understanding Heart Rate Zones to know how much you can exert yourself safely.

Kids Dental

Children and Dental Problems

Dental care should ideally begin in early childhood in order to later avoid your kid’s visit to the dentist for serious dental problems.

Grilled Salmon

3 Recipes for a Low-Calorie Day

When trying to lose weight, watching your calorie intake is perhaps the easiest way. But you can make it through your entire day without going hungry.


Look and Feel Your Best for Summer

It is possible to start losing the excess body fat sensibly by cutting down the carbohydrates, reducing sugar, and saying a big no to alcohol and soft drinks. And best of all by incorporating some some fast calorie burning food items.

Stay Healthy in Summer

Losing Weight is About Portioning

Lose weight the right way with lots of exercise and low-calorie, portioned meals.

Stay Healthy in Summer

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle This Summer

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the summer.

The Skinny on the Mediterrean Diet

The Skinny on the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet is a type of organized nutrition that is practiced by more people every day and is based on foods found in the Mediterranean area.

David Sweeney's Marathon Journey

2 Weeks til Race Day…

We are serialising the running blog of David Sweeney, who is training for the London Marathon in April 2014 and raising money for charity along the way…

Top Tips To Prepare Your Skin For A Long-Distance Flight

When celebrities fly they look so fresh on arrival, as if they have just stepped out of a beauty spa, even after long flights…so can you!

Sensitive Teeth

Tips to Help Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can result in severe discomfort and pain when your teeth are exposed to sweet or sour, extreme temperature or even pressure.

Back Pain from Cycling

Back Pain Caused Due To Cycling and How To Reduce It

Despite cycling being a good physical workout, it can lead to back pain. Here’s how to avoid it.

The Most Common Ski Injuries

Skiing is one of the most exhilarating outdoor sport activities you can do but with all sport there is always a potential for injury.

How to Pair the Right Diet with Crossfit Training

Crossfit training has become one of the most popular and innovative ways to lose weight and get healthy and strong.

David Sweeney is running the London Marathon for Addaction

The Show Must Go On…

We are serialising the running blog of David Sweeney, who is training for the London Marathon in April 2014 and raising money for charity along the way…

Thieves Oil: Protect Your Family

Thieves Oil: Protect your Family from Colds and Flu

Keep colds and flu at bay by having a bottle of Thieves Oil in your medicine cabinet to fight infection.

Stay in Shape like 007

Fitness 007

The world’s most famous spy became a fitness idol after Daniel Craig’s performance in Casino Royale. Learn how to achieve the same combo of brawn and brain.

Baking Soda DIY Beauty

DIY Baking Soda Beauty Tips

Baking soda can be found in most store cupboards and has immense beauty benefits. Use it on your hair, skin and teeth a here’s a few tips on how…

New Years Resolutions

Changing Habits, Addictions & Behaviours

At the start of each new year it is natural to ask ourselves if we are living our lives the way we really want to.

Early morning run in Mannheim

13 Weeks till London Marathon 2014

We are serialising the running blog of David Sweeney, who is training for the London Marathon in April 2014 and raising money for charity along the way…  WEEK 2, 2014… Read more

Mindful Meditation

How Mindful Meditation Will Help You Stay Healthy in the Cold

The winter is upon us! Worried that the cold might get you and your family sick more often?

David Sweeney's Marathon Journey

David’s Marathon Journey

We are serialising the running blog of David Sweeney, who is training for the London Marathon in April 2014 and raising money for charity along the way…

How To Stay Fit During Winter

When winter holidays and festivities are upon us, we tend to gain extra pounds which go unnoticed under the warm clothing.

Foods to prevent acne

Best Superfoods To Fight Acne And Get Clearer Skin!

Acne problems are quite debilitating to the sufferer. Although we all suffer from this at some point in our life, break-outs shouldn’t be ignored.

Relieve your muscles

Muscle Strain: Causes and Cures

Strenuous workout routines can result in serious injuries. When you push yourself too hard, particularly if there is already strain, there are a number of possible consequences.

Exercise Safely this Winter

How to Exercise Safely this Winter

Keeping fit and active during the winter months can be challenging, as poor weather conditions, icy surfaces and darkness can pose a danger to your safety.