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Things to do with kids in Germany

7 Family Friendly Day Trips in Germany

From swimming pools to steel factories, there are so many places to visit in Germany. Here’s some ideas for 7 great day trips, with or without the kids…

Family fun at Eselsmühle donkey farm

Take a day trip to Eselsmühle, the donkey farm and mill near Stuttgart. Eselsmühle is also a restaurant, event center, geological museum and so much more.


Germany’s most scenic spots

Germany has its share of romantic spots. Couples can picnic next beautiful lakes or stay in a hotel nestled in the countryside with striking mountain views.

Our favorite amusement parks in Germany

Time to take the family on a road trip to check out Germany’s best amusement parks.

Indoor playground fun at MegaPlay

If your kids need some place to blow off some steam no matter the weather, Lisa says “from beginning to end, my kids had a great time” at Mega Play, an indoor play area for children of all ages in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Aachen Cathedral

3 Cultural World Heritage Sites in Germany

Germany is a country that has developed a rich culture over centuries and it is blessed with 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for culture. Here’s 3 of them.

Berlin – discover Germany’s capital on a budget

In an international survey tourists voted Berlin the most popular city in Germany. What’s its secret?

Germany´s Top Amusement Parks

The perfect time to take the family on a road trip to check out Germany’s take on amusement parks is in the summer. From an afternoon spent with Shrek to… Read more

Every Kid’s Dream, LEGOLAND Park in Germany!

Legoland is one of the highlights of being stationed in Germany with the kids. There are rides, 4D movies, bowling, playgrounds, restaurants and of course, tons and tons of Lego!!


Cologne Anyone?

With a history of over 2000 years, Cologne or Köln as it is called in Germany, is now ranked as one of the must-see places in Germany.

Hamburg’s 6 Attractions Kids Will Love

Check out some of the best attractions in and around Hamburg, Germany for kids and parents on a European tour!

Climb to the Top of Rapunzel’s Tower

Live the fairy tale by climbing to the top of Rapunzel’s Tower. Head to the whimsical and charming town of Trendelburg for the enchanting tower, beauty views and an upcoming medieval fest.

Experience a Gambit of Emotions at Dachau

Experience a gambit of emotions at the Dachau Concentration Camp where over 41,500 were murdered during World War II.

Kreuzberg Monastery & the Chicken Farm

Take a fun day trip to the Kreuzberg Monastery and Brathähnchen (chicken) Farm. Enjoy taste beer brewed at the monastery and then chicken roasted on an oven pit at the farm.

An Ostrich Farm in Germany

If you’re looking for a daytrip that offers something a little different, head to Straussenfarm Mhou for a closer look at these prehistoric birds as well as some exotic eats.

The Best Six Castles in Germany

Millions of tourists flock to see what is called Germany’s jewel in the tourist crown each year, and it’s easy to see why.

Labor Day Weekend

Fun Things To Do With Kids On Labor Day Weekend

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend with your family with our suggested activities.

Highlights of Hamburg

The City of Hamburg is a great visit any time of the year whether you want a romantic getaway, a family break or a lively party weekend.

Hamburg during advent is very kid-friendly.

Christmas Activities for Kids in Hamburg

Hamburg has a special program this time of year – Fairy-tale Ships for kids.

Berlin’s Tropical Island Indoor Waterpark

Tropical Island waterpark in Berlin is a perfect way to enjoy a rainy weekend, a summer holiday or a winter getaway.

Christmas Markets in Germany

Tips & Tricks for Visiting Christmas Markets in Germany

The Christmas Markets of Germany are the best part of Christmas in Germany. If you are stationed in Europe during the holidays, this is a something you can’t miss out on. Even if you plan to travel or head home for Christmas, the markets kick off at the end of November, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your share of Glühwein (mulled wine) and Nutella smothered crepes or waffles!

Explore Phantasialand

Phantasialand near Cologne might be a bit of a drive (2.5 hours from Ramstein) but it’s the perfect place for a weekend away, with or without the kids. This theme park is has hotels, restaurants, dinner shows, and regular events. The 6 different theme areas in the park will let you take your kids around the world, without leaving Germany!

Amusement Park in Germany

4 Great amusement parks in Germany

A list of 4 terrific amusement parks here in Germany, including Movie Park Germany, Europa Park, Tripsdrill, and Legoland Germany.